Bursting cancer’s bubble:

High-potency oncolytic viruses for
high-impact cancer therapy

The promise of

oncolytic virus (OV)


For centuries, there have been isolated reports of tumor regression in cancer patients during the course of naturally acquired viral infections. However, these responses were partial and transient. The OV therapeutic class seeks to harness the anti-neoplastic potential of naturally occurring viruses, and enhance potency, durability of response, and safety through synthetic engineering.


Our Mission:

At IconOVir, we are dedicated to the development of potent, tumor-selective, systemically available oncolytic Adenoviruses for the treatment of a broad range of solid tumors. Drawing on our deep understanding of adenoviral biology and leveraging extensive proprietary capabilities in high-throughput viral engineering and characterization, we seek to deliver on the full potential of the oncolytic virus modality.

How do oncolytic viruses work?

OVs drive anti-cancer response

through rapid tumor killing followed
by potent immune response

The IconOVir approach: Enhance immune response and efficacy through more potent, tumor-selective oncolytic viruses
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Virus-Mediated Tumor Killing

Exponential lytic replications seeds tumor environment with cytokines and neoantigen-containing cell debris

Potent Immune Response

Innate and adaptive immunity prime a systemic and durable anti-tumor response

IconOVir’s synthetic virology platform:

At IconOVir, we leverage high-throughput synthetic and systems biology capabilities for rapid iterative design and optimization of next-generation OVs

Iterative Rational Design, Rapid Assembly and Testing